WebArrayDB is
      1) a light-weight, user-friendly database system and
      2) a cross-platform analysis suite for microarray data.

The files used by "demo" account can be DOWNLOADED. Users that are logged into the guest account or any other account set up by the user can download the files to their local computers, unzip them, then upload them to practice the functions of WebArrayDB.

While people are encouraged to store their data on our repository and analyze them on our server, the program package is available for download by users to build their own databases and analysis platforms. The workflow of WebArrayDB is shown in the following chart:

1) WebArrayDB as a database system


      Steps for storing data:
  1.     (optional) register/logon
  2.     upload necessary files
  3.     fill/submit online forms for a project
  4.     check data status

2) WebArrayDB as an analysis platform


      Steps for analysis:
  1. (optional) logon/register
  2. search data from databases
  3. fill options for analysis and submit requests
  4. browse/download results