• Note: Visual Omics will be updated at 2023/10/1 12:00 ~2023/10/2 12:00 (equivalent to 2023/10/1 00:00~2023/10/2 00:00 US time). The tool will be temporarily suspended at that time.
    Update: 1. At present, the R version and the main analysis R package have all been updated, R=4.2.2, clusterProfiler=4.6.2, etc. KEGG enrichment analysis function has returned to normal. If there is any abnormality in the function after this version update, please contact the author in time
    2. the function of id conversion has been changed from AnnotationHub:: mapIds to clusterProfiler::bitr support, and the annotation packages of all model species have been updated.
    3. The score has been partially revised in the Protein Interaction Prediction_ Threshold failed to work bug, fixed id mapping error
    4. We added the eigenvalue correction parameter for ordinations, if the correction is selected but no correction occurs (Euclidean distance), the uncorrected eigenvalue is still used.
    5. Enrichment analysis of 29 fish species is newly supported

Multiple Omic's analysis

The online tool Visual Omics integrates various free analysis processes including DE analysis, Enrichment analysis, protein interaction prediction, protein domain prediction,traditional statistical tests, omics analysis single analysis.

Image Modification

The online image modification function mainly relies on the R package ggplot2 and its series of R packages. The main 38 elements and 21 functions in ggplot2 are selected, with a total of 262 parameters. The main features are additive modification and working picture switching.