DATASET ID: PRJNA656271 (24hpf)

Basic information

Tissue / Organ embryo
Experiment type baseline
Sample 24hpf, FACS-isolated EGFP+ cells
Source dataset ID SRR12424272
Project ID PRJNA656271
Species Danio rerio

Clustering Result


  • The figures above shows the results of GO/KEGG/PPI of marker/potential marker genes in each cell cluster.
  • The button on the left can be used to select the target cell cluster.
  • Marker Relationship

    Cluster Cell type Gene id (symbol) Gene type Marker class Evidence
    3 PMN progenitors ENSDARG00000040946 (olig2) protein_coding marker DOI:10.1242/dev.191023


    • The expression of marker genes of each cluster is shown in the figure above.
    • More detailed expression of marker gene can be viewed in the gene details page. (Follow the links in the table above)