This tool based on SnpEff which is a genetic variant annotation and functional effect prediction toolbox. It annotates and predicts the effects of genetic variants on genes and proteins (such as amino acid changes) details of SnpEff.

Fish species and genomes selection [Required]

    Note: you can select species, related genome and annotation information provided in FishSNP, which are contributed to index construction and VCF file annotation.


    Please paste your VCF data below (the example is three SNPs of GrassCarp):

    or you can upload VCF files here:   

    Note: please paste or upload data in correct VCF format, and the number of SNPs should not be bigger than 1000 for smooth calculation (example).(example)


The email for receiving results:   

Note: We will send the annotation results to your mail. If the SNPs that need to be annotated are less than 500, they will be displayed below. If the SNPS that need to be annotated are more than 500, the results will only be sent by mail.