GENE ID: ENSDARG00000097513

Symbol Location Gene type Genome version Species
CT573383.1 25: 34035541 ~ 34050402 (+) transcribed_unprocessed_pseudogene GRCz11 Danio rerio



Dataset ID Tissue / Organ Experiment type Sample Cell type Marker class Evidence
GSE168695 (5dpf) embryo baseline 5dpf, GFP+ cells isolated from 5 dpf cldnb:lyn-EGFP embryos Ionocyte progenitors (cluster: 3)
potential marker
GSE152982 (wild type) trunk baseline 1.25dpf, untreatment Mucous secreting cells (cluster: 16)
potential marker
GSE176129 (pdgfrb-positive) whole body baseline 5dpf, FACS-isolated pdgfrb-positive cells Neuromast cells (cluster: 32)
potential marker
GSE151354 (nkx3.2 mutant) cartilage growth 21dpf, nkx3.2 mutant
GSE126647 (control) embryo baseline 1.17dpf, control nkx2.5:ZsYellow+ cells
GSE126647 (Pbx4-depleted) embryo growth 1.17dpf, Pbx4-depleted nkx2.5:ZsYellow+ cells
GSE148591 (3mpf) pituitary transplant 3mpf, graft transplantation during early embryogenesis

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