GENE ID: ENSDARG00000098011

Symbol Location Gene type Genome version Species
BX000438.2 15: 30922926 ~ 30924032 (+) antisense GRCz11 Danio rerio



Dataset ID Tissue / Organ Experiment type Sample Cell type Marker class Evidence
GSE168695 (5dpf) embryo baseline 5dpf, GFP+ cells isolated from 5 dpf cldnb:lyn-EGFP embryos NCC ionocytes (cluster: 1)
NaR ionocytes (cluster: 11)
KS ionocytes (cluster: 15)
Ionocyte progenitors (cluster: 8)
potential marker
potential marker
potential marker
potential marker
GSE151354 (wild type) cartilage baseline 21dpf, wild type
GSE151354 (nkx3.2 mutant) cartilage growth 21dpf, nkx3.2 mutant
GSE144944 (fgfr3 +|+) cranial vault baseline 1mpf, fgfr3 +/+
GSE144944 (fgfr3 -|-) cranial vault growth 1mpf, fgfr3 -/-
GSE161712 (M. marinum) granulomas disease adult, infected with bacteria of M. marinum
GSE148591 (3mpf) pituitary transplant 3mpf, graft transplantation during early embryogenesis
GSE152982 (wild type) trunk baseline 1.25dpf, untreatment
GSE176129 (pdgfrb-positive) whole body baseline 5dpf, FACS-isolated pdgfrb-positive cells

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