CELL TYPE: Neuronal precursor cells

Distribution of Neuronal precursor cells in Tissues/Organs

Word Cloud of All Markers


  • The figures above shows the results of GO/KEGG/PPI of marker/potential marker genes of Neuronal precursor cells.

  • Detail Marker Information in Datasets

    Dataset ID Species Tissue / Organ Cell cluster Cell type Experiment type Sample Marker gene Marker class Evidence
    PRJNA668529 (3d) Danio rerio olfactory rosette 6 Neuronal precursor cells disease 3mpf, intranasal 100ng r-Spike 3 days ENSDARG00000028335 (hmga1a) marker DOI:10.1155/2018/3698078, DOI:10.1016/j.bbi.2022.03.006

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